Terms Of Use has been updated - please download latest copy

>> Thursday, September 10, 2009

Hi Everyone, I've updated my terms of use pdf file today. Please download the new tou file, which can be found in the side bar of the blog.

The most major part of the update is that you are NOT allowed to transfer CU rights to your customers, unless you purchase a CU4CU license from my personal store.

I thought this should be obvious, however, not everyone knows the terminology.

CU = I am transferring you the right to use my products in your commercial use kits or layouts, however, you are NOT allowed to transfer the CU license to your customers.

CU4CU = When you purchase a CU4CU license from me, you will be able to offer your products using my items as CU. You will NOT be transferring CU4CU rights to your customers, only a CU license - in other words, they may create kits to sell with the products you sold them, but they do not have the right to sell them as CU items.

If you wish to purchase a CU4CU license, please visit my personal store (blinkie in the sidebar)

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