Russian site that is sharing designer's scrap kits, images etc.

>> Saturday, September 17, 2011

Hi everyone,

UPDATE (Sept. 19/11):

The site has been changed to make people register before they can see what is in it - I don't know if it's just that particular site (it's like a blog), or if it's the whole site. I did receive an email from the site owner who wanted me to tell him what specific links were to my products - I went to look and that is when I saw the bit about registering. I wrote him back and told him that it had been made private and am waiting on a reply from him

Please go and check out this website to make sure that none of your scrapkits, images, etc. are being pirated. It's a never ending battle, but if we all do our part, maybe it will help us just a little :(

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