Great News!!! Now you can use my scripts in more ways :D

>> Wednesday, July 4, 2012

I have removed my Multiple Designer Website License from my store - you no longer need to purchase it to use my scripts and templates in the way stated below :)

I've changed my TOU to reflect the following allowable uses - I hope you will find these new uses to be of help to you!:


(a) Use these items for your own personal use or to sell as personal use only, unless you have previously purchased my license. You may also use the products in blog trains or collabs as long as they are for personal use only and as long as no more than 10% of my products are used.

(b) Colorize, add to, take away from, and/or resize to fit your project. Please try and make changes to the item where possible

(c) You may now use my items for S4H/S4O

(d) You may use these items to create craft printables, greeting cards, for use on sites such as and Items used on these sites MUST be flattened to one layer. Element packs are not allowed. Please credit me in your TOU included with your downloads.

(e) You may use my products to create “designer cache” kits, only if you have previously purchased my Scrapbooking license. These cache's must contain no more than 30% of my products, and must not be ONLY elements, you must include papers, frames, etc. Please try and change the item somehow, where possible. – the 30% allowed does NOT include papers. Your preview must state how many elements and how many papers are included. I no longer sell a scrapbooking license.

(f) You may use my products to create signature tags that you give away freely – please credit me where possible.

(g) You may now use my products to make blog and store layouts – the items must be merged into one layer.

(h) You may now use my scripts to create stencils for use as stamps.

(i) You may now use my scripts to create candy wrappers, bag toppers, etc.

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